Apple’s iPad Pro Keyboard Evolution

Apple has long viewed its iPad Pro lineup as a worthy companion to its MacBook series, offering a large screen, PC-like hardware, and the potential to be a viable MacBook alternative. However, one significant hurdle has stood in the way of this ambition—the design of the keyboard, famously known as the Magic Keyboard.

“The Magic Keyboard has been a roadblock in the path to making the iPad Pro a true MacBook replacement,” says Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

But change is on the horizon. Apple is gearing up to reinvigorate the iPad Pro keyboard, bringing it one step closer to the ideal MacBook substitute. Reports suggest that Apple’s plans include enlarging the iPad Pro’s display to a substantial 14 inches and overhauling the Magic Keyboard to impart the durability and tactile feel of a traditional laptop keyboard.

A New and Improved Magic Keyboard

Gurman reveals that the enhanced keyboard for the iPad Pro will also feature a larger trackpad, enhancing its usability and bridging the gap between the iPad and MacBook even further. Apple intends to manufacture the next-gen iPad Pro keyboard using aluminum, aligning it more closely with the design and build quality of the MacBook keyboard.

However, this design transformation is not expected to compromise the keyboard’s portability or the structure of the keys, both of which are essential for a seamless typing experience. The existing Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro has faced criticism for its vulnerability to bending, a flaw that Apple aims to rectify with this redesign.

The Price Dilemma

While these anticipated changes are undoubtedly exciting, there’s a potential downside. Apple is likely to increase the price tag of the next-generation Magic Keyboard, which is already a significant investment, costing around Rs 29,000 in markets like India.

Gurman has hinted that the next iPad Pro could be powered by the upcoming M3 chip, bringing it on par with the performance capabilities of MacBooks. Additionally, the model may receive an upgrade from an LED to an OLED panel, further impacting the product’s price point.

One question that looms is whether Apple will continue using iPadOS for this product or transition to macOS, as the device’s capabilities evolve. We may gain insight into Apple’s direction with the product in the coming month when the new M-series chip is expected to be announced.

Coexistence with MacBooks

Many have pondered the logic of owning an iPad Pro when the MacBook is often considered the quintessential notebook option. These impending changes, if realized, could shed light on the iPad Pro lineup’s value and how it can coexist harmoniously with the MacBook family.

In conclusion, Apple’s plans to revamp the iPad Pro keyboard could signal a significant shift in the device’s capabilities and its role in the Apple ecosystem. As we eagerly await the official announcement and product release, it’s clear that the iPad Pro is inching closer to becoming a compelling alternative to the beloved MacBook.


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