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Q: What is the educational qualification required to take the IAS exam?

Answer: any degree (graduation), which can be regular or remote. The candidate must have a degree from any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the Central or state legislature of India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared a university under Section 3 of the University Grants Act 1956, or have an equivalent qualification.

Q. can Final Year students apply for UPSC CSE?

A: yes, candidates who have appeared for an examination, the passing of which would give them an educational qualification for the Commission examination, but have not been informed of the results, as well as candidates who intend to appear for such a qualification examination, will also be eligible for admission to the preliminary examination.

Question: When should I submit a document on passing the final exam before the UPSC?

Answer: all applicants who are declared qualified by the commission to pass the State (Main) Exam will have to provide proof of passing the required exam with their application for the main exam, otherwise these applicants will not be accepted for the main exam.

Question: I am hesitant to apply for the Civil Service exam because I am not fluent in English. Is it possible for me to write the Civil Service major exam in English and interview in Hindi or any other Indian language?

Answer: you do not have to be afraid to apply for the Civil Service exam, because UPSC in this regard provides the following options:

If you choose to write the Civil Services mains exam in English, you can choose either English as the medium for the interview, or Hindi or any other Indian language you have chosen for the compulsory document in Indian language in the written part of the civil services mains exam as the medium for the interview. However, if you are exempt from the mandatory document in the Indian language, you will have to choose English or Hindi as the medium of the interview.
If you choose an Indian language medium for the written part of the Civil Service Master’s exam, you can choose either the same Indian language or English or Hindi as the medium for the interview or personality test.

Q: if I apply for the Prelims exam for the civil service but do not appear in any post, will it count as an attempt?

Answer: No, the attempt will only count if you appeared in at least one post.

Question: if a candidate belongs to a community included in the list of OBC States, but not in the central OBC list, is he entitled to age relaxation, reservation, etc. for state exams?

Answer: No, Only candidates belonging to communities that are included in the central list of municipalities are eligible for such concessions.

Q. Can I choose an elective course (online) that I have not studied at postgraduate/PG level?

A: yes, you can choose any elective from the UPSC elective list for the Civil Service Master’s exam.

Q. I can write various documents of the state service of the main examination. in different languages?

Answer: No, you have the opportunity to write your answers either in English or in any of the languages contained in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

Q. in general, it is recommended that applicants carefully study the exam from the last 10 years of General Studies questions (Prelims), as they provide a fair idea of how the questions are framed from the relevant topics of the curriculum, and also indicate the level of difficulty.

A: yes, documents from previous years help candidates recognize the trend and they have to go through these documents again and again.

Q. are individual marks secured in different documents or aggregate marks across all papers considered f or merit?

Answer: overall grades are taken into account.

Q: how tough is the competition in UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE)?

Answer: you can judge the level of competition from the following data:

No vacancies advertised each year: between 1000 and 1200.
Applicants who completed the form: more than 9,00,000
No. of applications that appeared in the preliminary examination. : Nearly 4,50,000-5,00,000
No. of applicants who qualify for Prelims and become eligible to take the main exam: equal to 12 to 13 times the number of CSE vacancies.
The number of candidates who qualify for the interview: 2-2½ times the number of vacancies in the CSE. Thus, it can be said that CSE is one of the most difficult exams.

Q: will there be any exceptions to the above educational requirements?

Answer: in exceptional cases, the Union Civil Service Commission may consider a candidate who does not possess any of the above qualifications as a qualified candidate if he has passed an examination carried out by other institutions, the standard of which, in the opinion of the Commission, justifies his admission to the examination.

Q. I have a professional / technical qualification. Can I apply for UPSC CSE?

A: Applicants who have a professional and technical qualification recognised by the government as equivalent to a professional and technical degree would also be eligible for admission to the examination.

Q. I passed the MBBS, but did not finish the internship. Can I appear for UPSC CSE Mains?

Answer: applicants who have passed the final professional M. B. B. S. or any other medical examination, but have not completed the internship at the time of submitting their applications for the state (main) examination, will be preliminarily accepted for the examination, provided that together with the application they submit a copy of the certificate of the Competent Authority of the university/institution that together with the application they have passed the required final professional medical examination. In such cases, applicants will be required to present at the time of the interview the original degree or a certificate from the Competent Authority of the university/institution that they have fulfilled all the requirements (including the completion of an internship) for the award of the degree.

Q: Can I clear the IAS exam without participating in classroom coaching?

Answer: yes, you can, if you are good at self-study. We’re not against coaching in the classroom. There are good institutes and teachers who help applicants save a lot of time and effort. But not all coaching institutes provide quality services, so if you want to join one, do it after proper research. It should also be noted that with the advent of technology, instructions and study materials can be searched online. Our website ( provides free guidance and study materials to lakhs applicants who cannot afford a coaching class. You can also learn and compete with thousands of applicants across India by attempting dhyeya IAS full length timed online mock test series with negative marking for UPSC Prelims.

Q: will there be an individual cut-off for two papers in the Prelims civil service?

Answer: the minimum cuttings for 2 paper are 33 percent. The commission may set a minimum limit mark for Paper 1.

Q: Will there be negative marks or different marks for preliminary questions?

Answer: for all questions, there will be a negative mark for incorrect answers, except for some questions where the negative mark will be embedded in the form of various marks that will be awarded to the most appropriate and not so appropriate answers to such questions.

Q. which current/subject should I choose for graduation to clear the UPSC exam?

Answer: most of the questions in the General studies article in Prelims and Mains are related to the humanities background. However, it is neither necessary nor appropriate to take the humanities as your graduation stream just to clear the UPSC exam. Graduation should be based on your interest – it can be humanities, science, engineering, literature or management. For graduation, choose any current that you want to study for 3-4 years. You can choose any elective course for UPSC Mains and it doesn’t have to be the one you studied at graduation.

Will there be minimum qualification marks for UPSC Mains compulsory papers?

Answer: the Commission has the power to determine the qualification marks in any or all subjects of the examination. As of 2015, the minimum mark was 25% for the age of the Indian language and English. For GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4, the minimum expected marks are 10%.

Q: does UPSC deduct grades for bad handwriting?

Answer: if the candidate’s handwriting is not easy to read, a deduction will be made on this account from the total marks that otherwise accrue to him.

Q: will there be minimum qualification marks for the UPSC interview?

Answer: the interview will have 275 marks (without minimum qualification marks).

Q. can candidates use calculators in the UPSC State Service Exam?

Answer: Not for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam. However, candidates will be allowed to use scientific (non-programmable) calculators in the subjective examination of the UPSC type, i.e. programmable type calculators will not be allowed, and the use of such calculators is tantamount to resorting to unfair means of applicants. Renting or replacing calculators in the test room is not allowed. It is also important to note that applicants are not allowed to use calculators to answer documents of an objective type (test booklets). Therefore, they should not bring the same thing to the examination hall.
Question: is coaching important?


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