Apple to Boost Siri’s Intelligence with Language Models in iOS 18

The Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, is gearing up for the next iteration of its iOS operating system, iOS 18. Recent reports indicate that Apple is set to leverage language models to supercharge Siri’s intelligence. This groundbreaking development is expected to be officially unveiled in July next year.

“Siri’s functionality will be similar to what is possible with the Shortcuts app, and it is likely that it will see Siri integrating more deeply with Shortcuts,”

Apple envisions a Siri that can assist users in automating complex, multi-step tasks through voice-based commands. Imagine a scenario where Siri effortlessly captures five photos, transforms them into a GIF, and promptly sends it to a friend—all achieved with a single voice command. While it’s currently feasible to convert photos into GIFs using the Shortcuts app, it requires manual setup. With iOS 18, Siri aims to bridge this gap.

Siri and Shortcuts Integration

According to insiders, Siri’s enhanced functionality will closely resemble what the Shortcuts app can achieve. This integration suggests that Siri will become more deeply intertwined with Shortcuts, as reported by MacRumors. Shortcuts play a pivotal role in the iPhone ecosystem, enabling robust automation. Apple already provides a catalog of shortcuts for various tasks, ranging from background image removal to task lists.

The Information’s report indicates that Apple intends to roll out these new Siri capabilities as part of the iPhone’s operating system next year. This strongly implies that it will be a prominent feature of iOS 18. This move could be seen as Apple’s response to Google’s efforts to enhance Google Assistant, enabling it to handle more intricate tasks. Apple may seek to release its improved Siri features before or alongside Google’s advancements.

Privacy vs. Functionality

Apple’s Siri has faced criticism in the past for lagging behind voice assistants from competitors like Google and Alexa. This disparity is largely attributed to Apple’s unwavering commitment to user privacy and security. Unlike many competitors, a significant portion of Siri’s tasks is executed on-device rather than through cloud servers. This approach has been a cornerstone of Apple’s privacy strategy.

With the integration of language models into Siri, Apple will need to strike a delicate balance between privacy and functionality. The adoption of these models may necessitate more data processing in the cloud, potentially raising concerns about user data privacy. Apple will likely need to address these concerns head-on to ensure that users can enjoy the benefits of a more intelligent Siri without compromising their privacy.


Apple’s ambitious plan to enhance Siri with language models in iOS 18 marks a significant step forward in voice assistant technology. Users can anticipate a more capable and versatile Siri, capable of automating complex tasks with ease. The integration with Shortcuts promises to empower users with unprecedented automation capabilities on their iPhones. However, Apple must tread carefully to maintain its commitment to user privacy while delivering a more intelligent Siri experience. As the battle for supremacy in the voice assistant arena intensifies, Apple’s move is poised to set new standards for the industry.


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