Apple’s iPhone 12 Model Faces Radiation Concerns in France

Apple recently made headlines not only for launching its new iPhones but also for a concerning issue in France. The Ministry of France has compelled Apple to halt the sale of its iPhone 12 model in the country due to alleged radiation level concerns. This decision follows remarks made by France’s Junior Minister earlier this week.

The French radiation monitoring agency, AFNR, has formally notified Apple about its verdict to ban the specific iPhone 12 model. AFNR arrived at this decision after conducting tests on the iPhone 12, which revealed that the phone’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) exceeded the permissible limits set by France for phone manufacturers.

What’s particularly intriguing is that the French government has summoned Apple regarding this SAR issue, and it appears to be isolated to the iPhone 12 model. Apple, however, vehemently defends itself against the allegations made by the French government, asserting that the particular iPhone model complies with all radiation standards. The company claims that extensive testing has been conducted to substantiate these assertions.

Apple asserts that its 2020 iPhone model has received certification from multiple international bodies, affirming its compliance with global radiation standards. Naturally, Apple is dismayed by these developments and has expressed its intention to challenge the findings.

The notification from the French Ministry to Apple explicitly states its desire for the model to be withdrawn from the market. The Ministry is even prepared to issue a recall order for all iPhone 12 models sold in the country. This marks the first instance of Apple being embroiled in SAR-related issues, which have historically been associated with Chinese phone manufacturers.

While Apple appears confident in refuting the charges, the brand is likely apprehensive about the potential ripple effect of this decision. Other European Union nations may follow suit in the coming months, posing additional challenges for the tech giant.

(With Reuters inputs)


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