Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Disney is taking a stand against password sharing among its users. The company is set to implement stricter enforcement of this policy starting November 1 in Canada. Users have already received notifications about these changes via email, informing them that sharing their Disney+ account with friends will no longer be tolerated.

What sets Disney’s approach apart is its determination to crack down on password sharing with serious consequences for violators. Those caught breaking the new rules could face actions such as account limits or even account termination.

The Concept of “Household”

To enforce these new restrictions, Disney is introducing the concept of a “household.” This concept will help the platform determine who can and cannot access content from a specific profile. The household is likely defined as people or devices sharing the same IP address, providing Disney with the technical capability to monitor account usage accurately.

Users in Western markets will also have the option to pay an additional fee to allow their friends to access content on the platform legally. This move reflects Disney’s commitment to expanding its paying subscriber base and reducing reliance on users watching through shared accounts.

What About Other Markets?

Disney’s strict approach to password sharing raises questions about its plans for other markets, especially those like India, where it offers a freemium plan for watching content on mobile devices. While there’s no official word on whether Disney will implement similar rules in these regions, it’s worth noting that Netflix has already introduced its own version of a password crackdown in India.

As Disney strengthens its stance on password sharing in select markets, it remains to be seen whether this policy will expand to other parts of the world in the future.


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