Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, has recently hinted at a significant change for X (formerly known as Twitter) users—a paywall structure. Musk’s comments on this subject came during a live stream on X, where he engaged in conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister. The central idea is to transform X into a paid platform, accessible to those willing to pay for its services. Musk’s rationale for this drastic shift revolves around the pressing issue of combating bot armies that have plagued the platform.

Musk firmly believes that requiring users to pay for access will deter bots and reduce their influence on the platform. He also clarified that, in contrast to the existing X Premium subscription, the new pricing structure will include a lower-tier option, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

The Financial Motivation

While the primary goal is to combat bot activity, it’s clear that Musk is also motivated by the financial performance of X. Historically, the platform has struggled to generate substantial profits. Musk has publicly disclosed that the company experienced a significant drop in revenue—over 50 percent—largely due to limited advertising opportunities and the heavy debt burden inherited from previous management.

Since Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter in October of the preceding year, he has been on a mission to revamp the platform. One of his most noticeable changes was rebranding the platform from the traditional “Twitter” to the more contemporary and trendy “X.”

Furthermore, Musk expanded the premium services offered on X to more countries. These services include coveted features like a verified badge, an edit post button, and the option to hide likes on the platform. These enhancements were well-received by many users and further contributed to the platform’s transformation.

Potential Impact on Users

X has already implemented various measures to monetize its services. For instance, the X Premium subscription, available on Android, costs as much as Rs 900 per month in markets like India, while the web-based service is priced at Rs 650 per month. Despite these efforts, the financial struggles of the platform persist.

Elon Musk’s recent public statement reiterates his intention to make X a paid platform for all users. If this change comes to fruition, it could have significant consequences for the platform’s user base, particularly in countries like India where cost sensitivity is high. Users accustomed to free access may face a tough decision when confronted with a paywall, potentially leading to a substantial decline in the user population.


Elon Musk’s proposal to introduce a paywall for X users signifies a potential turning point for the platform. While the primary goal is to combat bots, the financial implications and user impact cannot be overlooked. As Musk continues to reshape X and its revenue model, the future of the platform remains uncertain. Whether it will successfully balance profitability with user accessibility remains to be seen.


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