From Vendor to Rank 135: Mohammad Kasim’s Inspiring Journey

We often hear how one can achieve their goals with hard work and determination. One man from Uttar Pradesh named Mohammad Kasim has proved this yet again. His success story is a tale of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment. He has secured 135th rank in the Provincial Civil Service – Judicial Exam (PCS-J). His journey, however, was replete with a lot of difficulties.

Mohammad Kasim had to work as a vendor alongside his father. He used to engage in all chores in the stall – be it washing the dishes or assisting his father to serve the customers. According to reports, Kasim had started his own business as a vendor around 2007. He sold haleem (a type of Biryani) in front of the petrol pump. This space articulates Kasim’s journey and the struggles he had to face.

Early Life and Education

Kasim hails from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. He lives in Ruknuddin Sarai, a village in Sambhal Block in Moradabad District. He reportedly moved to Aligarh in 2012 and completed his education till class 4th at one of the government schools located there. Mohammad Kasim then studied in the 5th and 6th grades at the Warsi Junior High School. He opted for another institution named Z U Inter College to complete his studies from class 7th to 12th grade.

Kasim had to go through a tough phase during his schooling after he failed to clear the class 10th. After finishing school, he enrolled in the BA course at the Aligarh Muslim University. Kasim then passed the BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law) exam and also the LLM exam (Master’s Degree of Law) (AIR 1) from Delhi University. He cleared the UGC Net (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) as well.

Overcoming Challenges

Mohammad Kasim then worked as a faculty for two universities. During this time, he also prepared for the PCS J exam and secured the 135th rank.

My mother is the motivational force behind me and never permitted me to drop out of the school,” he recalled. “If you are not the son of a celebrity or do not belong to a political family, then the only option for you to do something big is through education. It is only through education that you can become a hero. And today, the way I am being felicitated and being welcomed is the testimony of this fact,” added Mohammad Kasim.

Mohammad Kasim’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and education in achieving one’s dreams. From selling haleem as a vendor to securing a top rank in the PCS-J exam, he has shown that with hard work and unwavering support, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve greatness.


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