Expanding Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, the short video feature, might soon undergo a significant expansion. The platform, owned by Meta, is reportedly in the works to allow users to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. Although Meta and Instagram have not officially confirmed these plans, recent developments suggest that longer Reels videos could become a reality.

Alessandro Paluzzi’s Discovery

“#Instagram is working on the ability to create #Reels up to 10 minutes long,”

The news of this potential extension comes from Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who has gained a reputation for uncovering hidden features within various apps. Paluzzi managed to obtain screenshots from the Reels app, revealing an intriguing update. The app now presents users with two side-by-side options: one for recording a 3-minute video and the other for uploading a 10-minute video.

Challenging the Status Quo

If Instagram Reels indeed gains support for 10-minute-long videos, it would represent a significant departure from its initial concept as a rival to YouTube Shorts. Instead, it would align more closely with YouTube itself. TikTok, another formidable competitor, already allows users to upload 10-minute videos, with premium subscribers even enjoying the option to upload 20-minute videos.

This shift towards longer video formats is intriguing, given the prevailing trend towards shorter, bite-sized content for entertainment. However, Instagram likely sees an opportunity in catering to creators who can engage with their audience in more profound ways through extended videos. While supporting short videos places fewer demands on the platform’s resources, accommodating longer videos will require substantial upgrades.

Diversifying the Instagram Experience

Instagram is not just expanding Reels; it’s also exploring various ways to enhance user engagement across all its features. As part of Meta’s broader strategy of cross-integration, Instagram seems to position itself as an app capable of delivering a diverse range of experiences and finding an audience for each.


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