Apple, during the iPhone 15 launch, highlighted that the iPhone 15 Pro would be easier to repair, and the back glass would be easier to replace; however, it did not specify how much of a difference it would make compared to the last generation iPhone 14 Pro. But now, the iPhone maker has finally revealed how much it costs to replace the iPhone 15 Pro back glass panel.

iPhone Model Back Glass Replacement Cost (Rs)
iPhone 15 Pro Max 16,900
iPhone 15 Pro 14,900
iPhone 14 Pro Max 59,900
iPhone 14 Pro 52,900

If you want to get the back glass replaced, it would cost you Rs 16,900 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Rs 14,900 for the iPhone 15 Pro. This is significantly cheaper than the Rs 59,900 Apple charges for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Rs 52,900 for the iPhone 14 Pro. Doing the math quickly, this is a massive price reduction of Rs 43,000 and Rs 38,000, respectively, for the Pro Max and the Pro iPhone. This is certainly good news for people with butterfingers who might break their phones often.

Interestingly, the standard iPhone 15 models still maintain the option of affordable back glass repairs, priced at Rs 16,900 for the iPhone 15 Plus and Rs 14,900 for the iPhone 15—the same as the iPhone 14 series. iPhones are by no means cheap—and with high repair costs—it hurts the pocket even more. In fact, some of the recent iPhone models, including the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, are infamous for their challenging repairability, particularly regarding the back glass.

However, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro models seem to represent a shift towards creating iPhones that are more repair-friendly instead of replacing the entire unit.

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