Samsung Releases One UI 5 Update for Galaxy Watch 4 Series

Samsung has announced the release of the highly-anticipated Wear OS 4-based One UI 5 update for its Galaxy smartwatches. This significant update comes after a year-long collaboration with Google to improve the Wear OS platform. The result is a faster and more feature-rich experience for Galaxy Watch users.

One UI 5 Arrives in the US

Samsung has confirmed that the One UI 5 update is currently available for the Galaxy Watch 4 series in the United States. However, users in other countries can expect to receive the update in the coming weeks. This global rollout ensures that Galaxy smartwatch users worldwide can enjoy the latest enhancements.

Enhanced Health Features

With the One UI 5 update, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users can look forward to an array of enhanced health features. The update brings improvements in sensor capabilities, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive health tracking. Users can now benefit from enhanced sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring data.

Advanced Heart Rate Tracking

The One UI 5 update allows users to track their heart rate based on their cycling pattern, providing valuable insights into their cardiovascular health. Additionally, the update offers improved sleep coaching, helping users achieve better sleep quality.

Convenient Data Management

In addition to health-related enhancements, the One UI 5 update introduces convenient data management options. Users can now save data from their Galaxy Watch on Samsung Cloud, ensuring their information is easily accessible and secure.

Seamless Device Pairing

One of the standout features of the One UI 5 update is the ability to seamlessly pair your Galaxy Watch with a new phone. This eliminates the need for a factory reset, streamlining the process and saving users valuable time.

Wide Compatibility

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is the primary focus of this update, it’s worth noting that the Galaxy Watch Series 5 and 6 have already received the One UI 5 update. However, the Galaxy Watch 4 will be the last in the wearable lineup to receive this version.

Photography on the Wrist

For those who own the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Fold 5, the One UI 5 update offers a unique feature. It allows you to take pictures on your wrist when using your watch in the flex or tent mode. This innovative addition enhances the overall versatility of your Galaxy smartwatch.

Competing with Apple Watch

Both Google and Samsung are hoping that overhauling the OS will allow them to compete with Apple Watch, which is the undisputed smartwatch leader in the market.

The collaboration between Google and Samsung on the Wear OS platform reflects their ambition to challenge the dominance of the Apple Watch. By continuously improving and innovating, they aim to provide a compelling alternative to Apple’s offerings.

Looking Ahead

Google is also placing its bets on the Pixel Watch series, with the second-generation model expected to be announced alongside the Pixel 8 series next month. This signals an exciting future for smartwatch enthusiasts, as competition drives innovation and leads to even more advanced wearable technology.


The release of the One UI 5 update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is a significant milestone for wearable technology. With enhanced health features, convenient data management, and seamless device pairing, users can expect a more satisfying and efficient experience. As the smartwatch market continues to evolve, the competition between tech giants promises a bright future for consumers seeking cutting-edge wearable devices.


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