WhatsApp Enhances Calling Interface

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform owned by Meta, is rolling out improvements to its calling interface. These updates are designed to provide users with more information on their screens and make it easier to manage calls.

Quickly Add Participants to Calls

One of the key improvements in the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update is the ability to quickly add new participants to a call without interrupting the ongoing conversation. This enhancement aims to streamline the process of converting a one-on-one call into a group call.

“WhatsApp aims to better highlight the option to quickly add new participants to the call without any interruption for the current call. After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, which is available on the TestFlight app, we noticed that WhatsApp is now releasing improvements for the calling interface to some beta testers,” WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp, reported.

With this update, WhatsApp introduces a new bottom popup that displays the call type and emphasizes that the call is securely encrypted end-to-end. Additionally, a prominent “add participant” button has been added to the interface, making it more visible and accessible to users during a call.

Improved User Experience

These enhancements are aimed at improving the overall user experience. Users often had difficulty discovering the option to add more people to a call in previous versions of the app, sometimes resorting to starting a new group call instead. The updated calling interface addresses this issue by prominently displaying the “add participant” button.

By making this feature more visible, WhatsApp aims to save users time and prevent unnecessary interruptions during their calls. Whether you’re in a one-on-one call and want to invite others or managing a group call, the improved interface ensures that you can easily add participants without disruption.

It’s worth noting that while these enhancements are currently available to some beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app, they will soon be rolled out to a wider user base in the coming days.

Streamlining Contact Management

In addition to simplifying the process of adding participants to calls, WhatsApp is also making it easier to manage your contacts during a call. These updates further enhance the calling experience for users.

As WhatsApp continues to evolve and improve its features, users can look forward to a more seamless and efficient calling experience, whether for personal or business communication.


WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing its calling interface reflects its dedication to providing users with a smooth and user-friendly communication platform. With these updates, making group calls and managing contacts during calls has become more convenient than ever.

Stay tuned for the official rollout of these improvements to all WhatsApp users, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a better calling experience.


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