WhatsApp’s Native iPad App on the Horizon

WhatsApp users have long been clamoring for a native iPad app, and their wishes are finally coming true. The latest beta version for iOS includes a glimpse of what’s in store for iPad users. With this native app, you’ll no longer need to mirror your WhatsApp account through your phone to access it on your iPad. This functionality mirrors the experience of the web version, allowing you to use the messaging app on your iPad without any pairing hassles.

However, there’s a small catch. To use WhatsApp on your iPad, you’ll still need to employ the Linked Devices feature to pair it with your WhatsApp account using the familiar QR code format.

WhatsApp for iPad in Beta Testing

The iPad-compatible WhatsApp has made its appearance in TestFlight, according to a tip from Wabetainfo. As of now, the beta version is only accessible to a select group of testers. These testers will help identify and report any bugs or issues they encounter. WhatsApp will then address these concerns before rolling out the public release. It’s expected that the iPad version will be available to everyone before the year’s end.

The leaked screenshots of WhatsApp on the iPad reveal a layout similar to the web version. The chat screen is on the right, while the contacts list is on the left. Additionally, you can find video and audio call options at the top-right corner of the screen, indicating that these features will be available from the get-go.

Limited Features on WhatsApp for iPad

While WhatsApp on the iPad promises a convenient messaging experience, it does come with a few limitations. For now, it won’t support live location sharing or the ability to post status updates. These features may be added in future updates, but for the initial release, you’ll need to make do without them.

To use WhatsApp on your iPad, you’ll need both the WhatsApp beta version running on your iPhone and iPad. Once you’ve linked your iPad to your WhatsApp account, you won’t need to mirror the phone app to your tablet to use the messaging app.

It’s important to note that all Linked Devices, including your iPad, will synchronize with the latest messages, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms. Additionally, WhatsApp guarantees reliable end-to-end encryption on all supported devices, including the iPad.


WhatsApp’s forthcoming native iPad app is an exciting development for users who have been eagerly awaiting this feature. While it may have some initial limitations, such as the absence of live location sharing and status updates, the convenience of using WhatsApp on your iPad without mirroring your phone is a significant step forward. With the beta version already in testing, it won’t be long before WhatsApp for iPad becomes a reality for all users.

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