Freedom of Expression or Dress Code: AJC Bose College Controversy

City-based AJC Bose College students find themselves at the center of a heated debate over their right to express themselves through fashion. The controversy stems from a directive issued by the college principal, Purna Chandra Maity, which requires students to sign an affidavit promising not to wear torn or artificially torn jeans on campus. The students argue that this directive infringes upon their freedom of expression and choice in clothing.

Students Express Their Discontent

Many students at AJC Bose College have voiced their disapproval of the principal’s directive. They perceive it as a dictatorial imposition on their personal style and freedom. Ajay Sinhotra, a student at the college, expressed his dissatisfaction, stating, “We are upset with the principal’s order. This is a diktat and interferes with our freedom to dress.”

Rimmi Jamal, another student, echoed these sentiments, saying, “People should be allowed to wear ripped jeans. I protest against such an order.”

Principal Maity’s Justification

Principal Purna Chandra Maity defended his decision, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a certain level of decorum on campus. He stated, “Students must wear normal civil dresses. We will not allow any indecent outfits on our premises.”

The affidavit presented to students as part of this directive outlines the commitment they are expected to make. It reads, “Having been admitted to Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College, I will never enter inside college premises wearing torn/artificially torn jeans or any kind of indecent dress. I do hereby affirm that I shall wear normal civil dresses during my study period inside the entire college premises.”

Historical Precedent

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the college has addressed the issue of dress code. Last year, a similar advisory was issued for both students and staff, urging them not to wear torn or distressed jeans. Principal Maity explained that the decision to require students to sign an affidavit was taken to “enforce strict discipline in the institute.”

This move has sparked a wider conversation about the balance between imposing dress codes for the sake of discipline and respecting students’ right to self-expression.

“We are upset with the principal’s order. This is a diktat and interferes with our freedom to dress.” – Ajay Sinhotra, AJC Bose College Student

It remains to be seen how this controversy will unfold and whether the college will reconsider its directive in response to the students’ objections. The debate over the intersection of freedom of expression and dress codes is one that resonates with educational institutions worldwide.

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The controversy at AJC Bose College serves as a reminder of the ongoing discussions surrounding freedom of expression and dress codes in educational institutions. It highlights the need for a balanced approach that respects individual rights while maintaining decorum and discipline on campus.

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