Empowered Committee’s Recommendations for Kota Coaching Institutes

“A high-level empowered committee on Monday recommended coaching institutes here to reduce study hours and create a friendly environment for students by adding fun activities to their routine,” officials said.

In a significant development, an empowered committee in Kota has proposed a series of recommendations aimed at improving the well-being of students attending coaching institutes. Kota, a city known for its coaching centers, has been grappling with the issue of student suicides, particularly among those preparing for competitive exams like NEET and JEE.

The Committee’s Formation and Purpose

This empowered committee was formed by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in August, in response to the alarming rise in suicides by NEET and JEE aspirants attending coaching classes in Kota. The committee is chaired by Bhawani Singh Detha, Principal Secretary of Higher and Technical Education.

During its first meeting, which lasted over 8 hours, the committee engaged with experts, representatives of social welfare organizations, and members from spiritual and yoga communities to seek their input and suggestions. The primary goal was to find effective measures to address the issue of student suicides in Kota.

Key Recommendations

The committee’s recommendations revolve around creating a more supportive and less stressful environment for coaching institute students. Here are some of the key suggestions:

Recommendation Description
1. Reduce Study Hours Coaching institutes are advised to reduce study hours to alleviate the immense academic pressure on students.
2. Incorporate Fun Activities Introduce fun activities into the daily routine to help students relax and unwind.

These recommendations aim to strike a balance between rigorous academic preparation and the mental well-being of students.

Government’s Role

The committee also discussed the issue of fees charged by coaching institutes. It was clarified that the government could not intervene in this matter, as fees are a direct agreement between students and the institutes.

Additionally, a state-level team is conducting health surveys at all coaching institutes in Kota. Around 80% of students have filled out health forms, which are being used to identify students with potentially concerning tendencies. Those identified are provided with counseling, and in critical cases, parents are asked to come to Kota to support their wards.

For students deemed unfit for counseling, the committee has established a process for sending them home with their parents, ensuring their well-being.

Resumption of Tests

One of the significant developments is the suspension of regular tests at coaching institutes for two months. However, parents have recommended the importance of tests for evaluating students. Authorities are now considering a restructuring of the testing system before resuming it.

Regulation of Coaching Institutes

Furthermore, an Act to regulate coaching institutes is under consideration. This is a significant step as it may provide a legal framework to address issues within coaching institutes. As of now, there is no provision for imposing fines or taking action against coaching institutes.

Key Figures Present

Notable figures who participated in the marathon meeting include Sale Tax Commissioner Ravi Surpur, who played a significant role in addressing student suicides during his tenure as the district collector of Kota in 2016, and Jitendra Kumar Soni, the Managing Director of National Health Mission.

Media Interaction

Meanwhile, members of the high-level committee refused to provide comments to the media.


For those in need or who know someone who needs help, several helplines are available:

  • Aasra (Mumbai) – 022-27546669
  • Sneha (Chennai) – 044-24640050
  • Sumaitri (Delhi) – 011-23389090
  • Cooj (Goa) – 0832-2252525
  • Jeevan (Jamshedpur) – 065-76453841
  • Pratheeksha (Kochi) – 048-42448830
  • Maithri (Kochi) – 0484-2540530
  • Roshni (Hyderabad) – 040-66202000
  • Lifeline (Kolkata) – 033-64643267

These helplines provide crucial support and assistance to those facing mental health challenges.

In conclusion, the empowered committee’s recommendations signify a significant step toward addressing the mental health and well-being of students in Kota’s coaching institutes. While the road ahead may involve legislative changes and further discussions, the focus remains on creating a conducive and nurturing environment for these young minds.


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