Kota’s Efforts to Prevent Student Suicides

In response to the alarming increase in student suicides, the coaching hub of Kota has taken significant steps to safeguard the well-being of its young residents. This article delves into the city’s innovative approach, involving wardens, mess workers, and tiffin service providers in the mission to detect early signs of stress and depression among students living in hostels and PG accommodations.

Collaborative Efforts to Protect Students

Kota police have initiated a collaborative effort to combat the distressing trend of student suicides. They have enlisted the support of wardens, mess workers, and tiffin service providers to actively monitor the mental health of students residing in the city’s hostels and PG accommodations.

These stakeholders have been given specific responsibilities to ensure the safety and well-being of the students:

Role Responsibilities
Mess Workers and Tiffin Providers Report immediately if a student is repeatedly absent from the mess or skips meals. Notify authorities if unconsumed tiffins are discovered.
Wardens Participate in the ‘Darwaze pe dastak’ (knock on door) campaign. Regularly check on students around 11 pm, inquire about their well-being, observe their activities, and stay vigilant for signs of stress, depression, or abnormal behavior.

“We have launched a campaign called ‘Darwaze pe dastak’ where we are encouraging wardens to make it a routine to knock on each student’s door at around 11 pm, ask them if they are okay, notice their activities, and keep a vigil just to ensure that there are no signs of stress, depression, or abnormal activity,” says Chandrasheel Thakur, ASP, Kota.

He emphasizes the importance of wardens in this effort, stating, “After coaching, the students spend maximum time in hostels, and hence wardens should be the first ones to notice the signs.”

Addressing the Disturbing Statistics

The city of Kota has been grappling with a distressing increase in student suicides, with 22 reported cases in 2023 alone. This figure represents a significant rise compared to the previous year when there were 15 reported cases.

The most recent incidents occurred on August 27, 2023, when two NEET aspirants tragically took their own lives in separate incidents on the same day. Seventeen-year-old Avishkar Shambaji Kasle jumped from the sixth floor of his coaching institute’s building after completing a test. Just hours later, 18-year-old Adarsh Raj, also a competitive exam aspirant, hanged himself in his rented accommodation.

The urgency to detect early signs of distress is paramount. Chandrasheel Thakur emphasizes this point, stating, “The idea is to detect these early signs. If any student is repetitively missing classes or skipping meals, there has to be something. We want to identify these children and get them counseled before they get pushed to the brim. We have launched a dedicated number on which wardens, mess workers, and tiffin providers can give us this information.”

A Controversial but Necessary Step

In a controversial move aimed at curbing student suicides, the Kota administration mandated all hostels and paying guest (PG) accommodations to replace traditional ceiling fans with spring-loaded ones. This measure is designed to reduce the risk of students using ceiling fans for self-harm.

While the decision has sparked debate, it underscores the city’s commitment to safeguarding the lives of its students. It reflects the recognition that every possible measure must be taken to prevent further tragedies.

As Kota continues its battle against the rising tide of student suicides, these collective efforts by law enforcement, educational institutions, and service providers serve as a beacon of hope. By actively engaging wardens, mess workers, and tiffin service providers, the city aims to create a safer and more nurturing environment for its young residents, ultimately steering them away from the grip of despair.

With this multi-pronged approach, Kota is sending a powerful message: the well-being of its students is a top priority, and no effort will be spared to protect their lives and futures.

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