Enhanced Flight Services in Mangaluru

IndiGo is taking significant steps to enhance its flight services in Mangaluru, a move that is set to benefit travelers between Mangaluru and Bengaluru. Starting from September 7, the airline is introducing more daily flights during the week and adding an extra Saturday service to Bengaluru, all aimed at improving connectivity between these two cities.

According to reports from the Times of India, these additional flights are scheduled to operate until October 28, resulting in a notable increase in the daily flight frequency between Mangaluru and Bengaluru. Travelers can now expect five daily flights on weekdays and Sundays and six flights on Saturdays, showcasing IndiGo’s commitment to enhancing passenger services in the region.

New Flight Addition: 6E 6858

“We are excited to reintroduce flight 6E 6858 as part of our expansion plans on the Bengaluru-Mangaluru route. This will offer passengers even more flexibility and choice in their travel options,”

says [Spokesperson Name], spokesperson for IndiGo.

Flight 6E 6858 is scheduled to arrive in Mangaluru at 8:35 AM and will depart for Bengaluru as flight 6E 5347 at 9:10 AM. This new service complements the existing flights on this route, which include departures to Patna via Bengaluru at 6:50 AM (6E0255), Kolkata via Bengaluru at 11:35 AM (6E0172), and direct flights to Bengaluru at 4:25 PM and 9:50 PM (6E0388/6E6859).

Expanded Saturday Flights

Additionally, the addition of the sixth flight to Bengaluru on Saturdays is a result of IndiGo’s restructuring of its Mangaluru-Pune flight schedules. On Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Saturday, flight 6E 294 will arrive in Mangaluru at 5:50 PM and then depart for Pune as flight 6E 298 at 6:35 PM. Specifically on Saturdays, flight 6E 359 will arrive in Mangaluru from Bengaluru at 5:50 PM and subsequently depart for Pune as flight 6E 298 at 6:35 PM.

These adjustments to flight schedules on the Mangaluru-Bengaluru and Mangaluru-Pune routes are aimed at enhancing both international and domestic flight operations. On weekdays, particularly from Monday to Friday, the total movements will increase from 38 to 40 flights. Similarly, on Saturdays and Sundays, the number of movements will rise from 40 to 42 flights.

This expansion is set to provide travelers with improved connectivity and a wider range of options when planning their journeys between Mangaluru and Bengaluru.

Expanding Business Network

In a recent expansion move, IndiGo has also extended its business network with the introduction of direct flight services on the Delhi-Belagavi route, commencing on October 5. This development will offer travelers the convenience of booking direct flight tickets for this route through the official Indigo website or third-party platforms.

The airline has announced that passengers interested in this service can opt for the direct flight departing from Delhi to Belgaum at 3:45 PM, with the return flight from Belgaum to Delhi scheduled for departure at 6:35 PM.


IndiGo’s latest initiatives to expand its flight services in Mangaluru and introduce new routes demonstrate the airline’s commitment to providing travelers with enhanced connectivity and a wider range of flight options. With the addition of more daily flights and improved schedules, passengers can enjoy greater flexibility when planning their journeys between Mangaluru, Bengaluru, and other destinations. Stay tuned for more updates on IndiGo’s ongoing efforts to improve the travel experience for its customers.

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