The Journey of Kashish Agarwal

Often, the dreams of many parents remain unachieved, and children take it upon themselves to fulfill them anyhow. Kashish Agarwal of Haryana’s Yamunanagar district is the perfect example who has made her family, especially her mother, proud of her accomplishment.

At the age of just 23, Kashish secured the 30th rank in the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Exam. It is important to note that there is no lawyer or judge in Kashish’s family, who may have helped her prepare for the exam.

“Kashish Agarwal’s mother always dreamt of becoming a judge but her wish remained unfulfilled.”

Her daughter was in sixth grade when she came to know of her mother’s dream and decided to become a judge and make her proud one day. As she grew older, her goal became more focused, and she worked hard day and night, studying for 18 hours to achieve success at a very young age.

The Early Years of Success

According to her family, Kashish has always been excellent in her studies and used to top all the exams. She completed her schooling at Delhi Public School (DPS), Yamunanagar. Later, she pursued a BA LLB from Mullana University and took the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Exam.

Challenges Along the Way

But the journey was not easy. About 80,000 candidates appeared for the exam, out of which only 5,000 were cleared, and only 3,145 were selected in the mains exam. Out of these, 959 candidates were cleared for the interview round, in which Kashish secured the 30th rank.

A Bright Future Awaits

Now, Kashish will soon be appointed as Civil Judge in the Junior Division. Her whole family is elated over her successful feat. With sheer determination right from a very young age, along with hard work and will, paved the pathway to immense success for Kashish Agarwal. Her parents and grandparents are extremely proud of her achievement.

She aspired to become a judge from 6th grade and has now finally accomplished it. Not just hard work but also smart work and complete support from her family members, Kashish fulfilled not just her dreams of serving justice, but also her mother’s dream.


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