Meta’s Threads may be on the verge of a major update that could change the way users interact with the platform. According to developer Alessandro Paluzzi, there are indications that Meta is considering introducing a feature that allows users to edit their posts within 5 minutes of publishing them. This move would bring Meta’s Threads in line with its rival, X (formerly Twitter), which already offers post editing capabilities.

X’s Editing Advantage

It’s worth noting that X goes a step further by permitting post editing within an hour of posting. However, X reserves this feature for its X Premium subscribers, who enjoy a range of additional benefits, including the coveted blue checkmark, expanded post reach, and eligibility for X’s revenue sharing program.

On the other hand, Meta’s Threads is reportedly planning to provide this editing feature to all users free of charge. This move is poised to make Threads more user-friendly and competitive in the social media landscape.

Alessandro Paluzzi’s Insight

The anticipation of this feature’s introduction is based on internal screenshots shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi. According to his information, users would have a 5-minute window to make post edits after publication. However, it’s important to exercise caution and skepticism until Meta officially confirms and announces this feature. As of now, it remains a possibility rather than a certainty.

Meta’s Threads has been under the spotlight due to speculations about new features, and Adam Mosseri, the chief of Instagram (a subsidiary of Meta), has hinted at the platform’s intention to introduce post editing capabilities. The precise timeline and details of this feature’s rollout are yet to be disclosed.

Deleting Threads Profiles

In addition to the potential editing feature, Meta is also exploring options for users to delete their Threads profiles without impacting their Instagram accounts. Alessandro Paluzzi’s findings suggest that if a Threads profile is deleted, users wishing to rejoin Threads with the same Instagram account will need to wait for 120 days.

This proposed change could address a long-standing concern among users who have criticized Meta for the inability to delete Threads profiles without affecting their Instagram presence. It might also encourage more individuals to create anonymous accounts on Threads, a practice commonly associated with Twitter.

While these developments are intriguing, it’s essential to await official announcements from Meta regarding the introduction of the editing feature and changes to profile deletion policies. Until then, users can only anticipate these potential enhancements to the Threads platform.


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