If you use Gmail on Android, you probably know that clearing out your inbox isn’t the most convenient task. However, Google is now introducing a new ‘select all’ button for the Gmail Android app, which will become enabled when you start selecting multiple emails. This will significantly improve the convenience and speed of clearing your inbox.

As reported by 9to5Google, this functionality will allow users to select multiple emails at once, with the maximum number of emails you can select being 50—same as the web version of Gmail. So, while it won’t select “all” emails—it will still make managing emails much easier compared to what we have on Android.

How To Get Gmail’s New ‘Select All’ Feature?

According to 9to5Google, the ‘Select All’ feature is being rolled out with Gmail for Android version 2023.08.20.561750975 on both Pixel and Galaxy smartphones running Android 14 and Android 13. Moreover, this is said to be also a server-side change on a per-device basis and is not limited to the app update.

To check if you have the feature, you can update your Gmail app from the Google Play Store. Updates like these can take time to reach all users, so if you don’t have it currently—we suggest you wait—as it will eventually roll out to all supported Android devices running the compatible Gmail app.


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