PhonePe, the popular Walmart-backed digital payments app, is gearing up for a major move that could disrupt the mobile app distribution landscape dominated by Google and Apple. According to a report by Moneycontrol, PhonePe is set to launch its own app store, known as the Indus Appstore, and invite developers to publish their apps on the platform.

One of the standout features of the Indus Appstore is its business model. Unlike Google and Apple, which charge developers a commission ranging from 15% to 30% on all in-app transactions and app sales, PhonePe’s Indus Appstore will charge a zero percent fee on in-app purchases. This fee structure is likely to attract developers looking for a more favorable revenue-sharing arrangement.

Another significant advantage that PhonePe offers to developers is 24×7 India-based support. This addresses a major concern among app developers who often struggle with support on other competing platforms. With reliable and accessible support, developers can expect a smoother experience when launching and maintaining their apps on the Indus Appstore.

PhonePe’s focus on the Indian market is evident through its language support. The Indus Appstore will allow developers to publish their apps in 12 Indian languages, catering to a diverse user base. This localized approach can lead to higher user engagement and adoption, particularly in a linguistically diverse country like India.

Furthermore, developers will have the flexibility to enhance their app listings with media content such as supporting videos and images in the same languages. This multimedia-rich approach can help developers effectively showcase their apps and provide users with a more immersive experience.

The move by PhonePe comes at a time when tech giants like Apple and Google have faced scrutiny and legal challenges over their app store practices. The hefty commissions charged by these companies have led to conflicts and regulatory investigations, including the high-profile Apple vs. Epic legal battle.

With the Indus Appstore, PhonePe aims to create a more developer-friendly and India-focused alternative to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. By offering a zero percent fee on in-app purchases, reliable support, and robust language support, PhonePe’s Indus Appstore has the potential to disrupt the app distribution market and provide a compelling platform for developers and users alike.


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