Teacher at Private School in Kunda Accused of Thrashing Kindergarten Student

In a distressing incident, a teacher at a private school in Kunda has been accused of physically assaulting a kindergarten girl student. The child’s mother, Shobha Devi, a resident of Pigri Bazar Tikriya Buzurg in Kunda, filed an FIR under sections 323, 504, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against Ravi Singh, alleging that he used a stick to thrash her daughter, who is a student in KG-1. The incident took place on September 4, leaving the mother shocked and concerned for her child’s safety.

Shocking Allegations of Physical Abuse

Shobha Devi, deeply distressed by the incident, stated in her FIR that she only learned about the horrifying ordeal when her daughter returned home from school with visible signs of thrashing on her body. She was horrified to see the marks on her child, prompting her to take immediate action.

“When we asked why he hit the girl, the teacher threatened us with dire consequences,”

Shobha Devi, Mother of the Victim

The shocking part of this incident is not just the alleged act of violence but also the teacher’s alleged response when confronted by the child’s parents. Threatening them with “dire consequences” only added to the distress faced by the victim’s family.

Investigation Underway

The Maheshganj police have initiated an investigation into this distressing incident. However, as of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the case. The authorities are likely to gather evidence and statements from both the victim and the accused teacher before taking further action.

Concerns for Child Safety

Incidents like these raise serious concerns about the safety of children in educational institutions. Parents entrust schools and teachers with the responsibility of nurturing and educating their children, with the expectation that their young ones will be safe and protected. When such incidents of violence occur, it shatters that trust and leaves parents worried about the well-being of their kids.

It is crucial for educational institutions to have strict guidelines and mechanisms in place to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of all students. Moreover, teachers must be trained to handle situations with patience and empathy, rather than resorting to physical violence.

As this distressing case unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance in our educational institutions to protect the most vulnerable among us – our children.

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